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A year ago, to Celebrate our school's 175th anniversary, we brought to you Bombay Scottish School Mahim's first annual inter-school fest, PERSEVERANTIA.

It is with immense joy that we announce Perseverantia is back with a second edition !

Inspired by our school motto 'PERSEVERANTIA ET FIDE IN DEO', the latin word 'perseverantia' means Perseverance - the determination to do something despite difficulties.

The mission of our fest is to provide students a platform to discuss globally relevant issues and emerge with possible solutions to combat them.

We encourage students to participate, express their individuality and put their best foot forward in the plethora of events offered in this fest.

Our theme for this year is:


Join us as you step into the shoes of an orator, filmmaker, dancer, artist or innovator and see the world through their eyes.

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