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Bombay Scottish School Mahim’s judiciaire fête❕

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Moot courts are a simulation of how Indian Courts actually function.

Students are given a hypothetical case and will take on the role of either the advocate of
the plaintiff or defendant or judge. Each side must prepare both written and verbal arguments which they will present to a bench of judges.

After hearing the arguments, the panel of judges will then make a ruling based on these
submissions and declare a winner.

Presidents' Letter

Much to the dismay of the teachers, the Scottish Moot Court has finally turned into a reality. Yes, you read it right. It's ‘moot’, not ‘mood’. However, both are equally accurate because working towards organising this event has certainly involved many ‘moods’. 

Jokes aside, what started off as an inkling of a thought and an ambition to provide our fellow students a unique experience is on its way to become a full-fledged event. Moreover, it is such an event that is not seen at the school level. Moot courts are a very common feature in law colleges but it has never been tried at the school level. This is the gap we identified and are now filling, with this enriching experience being offered to even students from the 8th Grade. 

The standard reply to the question, 'What is a moot court?’ has so far been that its a simulation of the Indian Judiciary. However, now that there is no teacher glaring at us over the rim of their spectacles, waiting for us to finish our announcement, I can finally elaborate. SMC is an opportunity to not only delve deep into a topic of significance but also to learn more about the laws of our land and find loopholes. It is a way of channelling your inner ‘Harvey Specter’ (How could we not reference ‘Suits’?) and delivering the ultimate smackdown in court, backed up with research and evidence, of course (Unfortunately, bluffs won’t work here).
So put on your figurative advocate’s gown and get ready for the first edition of the Scottish Moot Court.

Picture of the Presidents of Scottish Moot Court
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