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History Of The Tournament

India has sent a team to the IYPT since 2018. Here is a list of former team members :


1) Online IYPT 2023:

     S. Sehgal, A. Gour, P.A., Y. Agarwal, K. Bagrodia


2) IYPT 2022 (Romania)

    A. Agarwal, A. Cherukupalli, L. Sharma, A. Gupta, A. Jain


3) IYPT 2019 (Poland)

    M. Shenoy, I. Parikh, P. Kumar, H. Mathur, A. Gupta


4) IYPT 2018 (Beijing):

    P. Gujral, P. Agrawal, S. Anupam, A. Ray Chaudhary


5) IYPT 2017 (Singapore):



Scoring Leaders:

Reporting: M. Shenoy (2019), M.Shenoy (2019), A. Cherukupalli (2022)

Opposition: P. Agrawal (2018), A. Agarwal (2022), S. Sehgal (2023), Y. Agarwal (2023)


Most Fight Wins: Team India 2023 (2)

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