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Indian Young Physicists’ Tournament

About Us

The Indian Young Physicists’ Tournament is India’s selection round to the annual premier physics competition for high schoolers, the International Young Physicists’ Tournament. This competition runs from August of the previous year (when the International Young Physicists’ Tournament releases the problems) until the IYPT takes place the next year. The competition is highly selective till the final round, where 5 students are selected to represent India.


The goal of the competition is for students to be able to engage in true physics research and face peer-review, much like in the real scientific world. The competition does not focus on a pen-and-paper test, but instead on real research carried out by students.

The competition is hosted by Mr Shashikant Pandey, IOC and head of Physics at Bombay Scottish School, Mahim.


Rules and Guidelines :

- All rules, including the format of the IYPT Physics “fight”, may be found here:

There is no cost for entry to the Indian tournament, but students must pay for themselves if they are selected for the international tournament.

2024 Tournament

The second round of the tournament is currently in progress, and the final team will be selected between December and January.

Problems can be found here:


Students only need to report 2 problems for the physics “fights”.


The 2024 tournament is for selection to the IYPT in Budapest, Hungary.


The judging for the final round will be done by Mr Shashikant Pandey and those selected as jurors for the Tournament.

Contact Information :

+91 98292 54417

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