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Esteemed participants, we welcome you to the captivating twelfth edition of SMUN, where the 
where the convergence of competition and collaboration, contention and cooperation and discourse and dissension take center stage.

We invite you to unveil your unique perspectives on global issues by making full use of the platform provided by SMUN. Here’s your chance to wield your arsenal of arguments to sway, transform, or convert diverse viewpoints into concrete, actionable solutions that propel the boundaries of your respective committees forward, mirroring the dynamics of genuine global fora.

Model United Nations (MUN) stands as a beacon of understanding and advocacy, cultivating the next generation of diplomats, leaders, and changemakers. It serves as a crucible wherein participants are tasked with embodying the roles of diplomats, representing nations, and navigating the intricate web of international relations.

This immersive environment is what SMUN aspires to elevate into a transformative experience, guiding participants toward excellence while fostering enduring connections and impactful contributions to global dialogue.

To every one of you, prepare to embark on a Diplomatic Discourse unlike any other - fasten your seatbelts, for SMUN awaits!

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Esteemed Delegates,

With utmost esteem and reverence, we, the Secretariat extend a heartfelt welcome to our distinguished assembly of diplomats and scholars gathered for the Scottish Model United Nations Conference 2024.

It is with great honor that we receive your esteemed presence at this prestigious event. As delegates convened under the banner of SMUN 24, you bear the noble responsibility of engaging in the art of diplomacy, advocating for justice and equity, and seeking resolutions to the world's most pressing issues. With elegance and dignity, we invite you to navigate the intricate tapestry of international affairs and embark on a journey of intellectual exploration and discourse.
Throughout the conference, you will find yourself among a gathering of luminaries, each carrying the mantle of responsibility and the spark of innovation. As you immerse yourself in debates, negotiations, and collaborations, may you draw upon your intellect, empathy, and wisdom to make meaningful contributions to the deliberations at hand.

We encourage you to embrace the ethos of camaraderie and collegiality, to engage in dialogue with an open mind and a compassionate spirit, and to uphold the tenets of diplomacy, integrity, and mutual respect. In doing so, you honor the legacy of the United Nations and reaffirm our collective commitment to a world of peace, prosperity, and progress.

In conclusion, let us embark upon this noble journey with grace, dignity, and unwavering determination. May SMUN 24, serve as a beacon of enlightenment and inspiration, guiding us towards a future filled with promise and harmony.

With warm regards,
The Secretariat,
SMUN 24.


For the first time ever, Grade 7 students will get to participate in a MUN conference that is just for them and thus, perfectly suited to their needs. Appropriately named Mini MUN, this conference will be conducted in every Grade 7 classroom and all students will get an equal opportunity to develop and display their MUNning skills. Not only will this initiative help the students better understand the ever-important UN chapter in their Civics textbooks, it will also give them a glimpse into how the UN functions in the real world.

Date: 15th April, 2024
Venue: Bombay Scottish School, Mahim

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